Current Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers 2020-2022

Janice Semien, President
Kemba Miles, First Vice President
Wilda White, Second Vice President
Krishna Smith, Third Vice President
Dawnesha Beaver, Recording Secretary
Suzanne Brown, Corresponding Secretary
LaKesha Russ, Treasurer
Roberta Fitzgerald, Assistant Treasurer
Karen Evans, Financial Secretary
LaTanya Sherman, Assistant Financial Secretary
TeNita Ballard, Journalist
Paula Ricketts, Historian
Ashley Canty, Custodian (of Properties)
Patricia J. Titus, Parliamentarian

Chapter Members in National Leadership

(Σ) = Elected ; (Δ) = Appointed

National Executive Board


 Task Force/Committee Members


Chapter Members in Farwest Leadership

Program Planning & Development


Regional Committees/Councils/Institute/Task Forces


Chapter Committees

Project Standing Committees

Ramona Wilder, Arts & Letters, Chair
Katrina Anderson, Arts & Letters, Co-Chair
Melissa Russ Jones, Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy, Chair
Kenji Jones, Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy, Co-Chairs
Rene’ Bell-Harbour, Dr. Jeanne L. Noble GEMS Institute, Chair
Michaela Jones, Dr. Jeanne L. Noble GEMS Institute, Co-Chairs
Sha’Quana Hall-Pounders, EMBODI, Chair
Mia Pierson, EMBODI, Co-Chair
Roberta Richey-Hamilton, International Awareness, Chair
Cima Lawson, International Awareness, Co-Chair
Gena Davis, Physical and Mental Health, Chair
Kim Jackson-Matthews, Physical and Mental Health, Co-Chair
Jocelyn Monroe, Program, Planning & Development
Montrese Chandler and Rhyan Foster, Program, Planning & Development, Co-Chairs
Maisha James McIntosh, Scholarship, Chair
Philice Arrington-McElroy, Scholarship, Co-Chair
Winnie Young, Social Action, Chair
Evynn Davis, Social Action, Co-Chair

Internal Standing Committees

Brenda Walker, Chapter Directory, Chair
Brandy Grey and Selma Smithwick, Chapter Directory, Co-Chair
Shirley Russ, Committee of Retired Delta Sorors (CORDS), Chair
Patricia Green, Committee of Retired Delta Sorors (CORDS), Co-Chair
Carolyn Kimble-Singleton, Los Angeles Delta Choraliers, Chair
Pamela Davis, Los Angeles Delta Choraliers, Co-Chair
Paula Ricketts, Heritage and Archives, Chair
Catherine Cornelius, Heritage and Archives, Co-Chair
Sherry Y. Smith, Reclamation, Sisterhood and Retention, Chair
Angela Adams and Valaida Gory, Reclamation, Sisterhood and Retention, Co-Chairs
Nikki Hannah, September Breakfast, Chair
Audrey Gilchrist, September Breakfast, Co-Chair
Angelique Sims, Nominating, Chair
Piccola Atkins, Nominating, Member
Pamela Bydon-Bunker, Nominating, Member
Michelle Morris, Nominating, Member
Joanna Williams, Nominating, Member

Special Committees

Tenika Jackson, Audit, Chair
Jean Wilson, Audit, Co-Chair
Glenda Smith-Lee, Chaplain’s Council, Chair
Lorraine Williams, Chaplain’s Council, Co-Chair
Ashley Canty, Chapter Properties, Chair
Trenece Crawford, Delta Technology, Chair

Morgan Edwards, Delta Technology, Chair

LaKesha Russ, Finance, Chair
VACANT, Fundraiser, Chair
Brandi Jones, Fundraiser, Co-Chair
, Founder’s Day, Chair
, Founder’s Day, Co-Chair
TeNita Ballard, Newsletter, Chair
Kimberly Breye-Watson, Newsletter, Co-Chair
Essie Jeffries, Past Presidents Advisory Council, Chair
Sharee Sanders Gordon, Past Presidents Advisory Council, Co-Chair
Evelyn Gillespie, Policy & Procedures, Chair
Carolyn Taylor, Policy & Procedures, Chair